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Welcome to Specialty Mobile Apps, a service where you can easily manage your own custom dealer application for motorcycles, automobiles, RV’s, and boats.


Having your own mobile application allows you to shorten the distance between you and your customers!

We create your Mobile App based on your dealership’s specific brand.  Once we build your Mobile App, we bundle it and make it available to your customers through iTunes, Android and other markets, at no cost to your customers.  We provide marketing banners and promotional materials to help dealers encourage their customers to download their application.  Our revolutionary mobile technology allows dealers to quickly login to our website and manage their own custom dealer application. Dealers can upload images, choose colors, customize the items displayed, and create a fully branded experience.

It’s really that easy, but you don’t have to design it yourself. We offer a complete design service capable of easily incorporating your existing brand features and creating a mobile app with your brand.

Put your Dealership in the palm of your customer’s hand

A Custom Mobile App for your dealership is a Comprehensive, “ALL-IN-ONE”, Sales, Service, Marketing & Interactive, Communication Solution. Click here to start!

Update your content anytime, instantly!

Using our easy to use design portal, you can update your content and make it available instantly to all of your customer’s supported devices. For example, need to change hours of operation? Then update the Design portal and immediately view the changes on the mobile device.

App Store Submission and Approval

We have extensive experience dealing with Apple’s approval processes. We handle all the complexity for you from start to finish. Just sit back and relax.

New Features and Functionality

Dealers have the opportunity to take advantage of new features and functionality, along with support for different platform and devices as things change. We work hard to increase the value of your mobile investment.


Changing the colors, graphics, and order of icons allows you to make your application a unique experience.

Make it Yours !

Choose icons from our design library:

We know you want an application that reflects your brand, and provides value-added services to your customers. To facilitate this, our platform allows you to customize the complete user experience, choosing the colors, images, icons, and text. We also allow you to change these settings and the content within your application quickly and easily using our website tools.

Contact Information

Allow your customers to quickly access and view information for each of your business locations

Using our web based customization tools you can quickly make changes to your application that allow for different appearances as demonstrated by these two views of a Harley Davidson dealer and a Volvo Dealer.

If your dealership has different locations then each of the locations are available to your customers.

  • Pick from different locations
  • View information and options for a chosen location
  • Display the location on a map and get driving directions

Many dealers have more than one store. Specialty Mobile Apps supports additional locations that the user can navigate through and set as their default location. This allows you to have a single brand application for your dealership, but be able to connect with customers at their closest location.

Once a customer selects your location they can view it on a map, and get turn by turn directions to take them straight to your store.

Hours of Operation

Let your customers know your hours of operation and see at a glance if you are currently open.

If a user checks a location’s hours of operation and the current time is within the store’s open hours then the app will show an indicator that you are currently open.

Different departments can have different hours of operations. For example, if you want to have different hours for service vs sales then you can specify that on your customization portal and update customer’s information immediately. This means you can keep your hours of operation up-to-date with holidays and events making customers aware at the touch of a button when they are able to visit your store.

Vehicle History Reports

If customers are thinking of buying a used vehicle then they will be able to take advantage of detailed vehicle history reports built right into their mobile devices.

All they need to do is enter a seventeen digit vin number, or alternatively if you are using our QR code technology then you can print off a QR code image and place it on your vehicles. This allows customers to use their camera phone to take a picture of the image and immediately be taken to the vehicle history report without any need to type in the seventeen digit code. You can also link video and photo material to QR code technology (see QR Technology in the optional EXTRAS section for more information).

Quick Dial

Sometimes it’s as simple as just making a phone call…

Customers will be able to get hold of you quickly and easily by just tapping on the quick dial icon and then choosing the appropriate department from the list of options. Their phone will then immediately place the call to your store.

Using your customization portal, you can add departments and phone numbers that become available immediately to your customer’s devices.


Turn your customer’s mobile device into a tool you can use to send marketing promotions and drive business to your dealership

Using your customization web portal you can generate messages to send to your customer’s mobile devices. Similar to email (and an email can be sent as well) these promotional messages appear in the user’s application. They can read the message, but unlike email they are also able to take action within their message. So for example, you can send a promotion for an oil change which has an embedded button that the reader can click to take advantage of the promotion.

Push Notifications

Reach out and touch your customers

Dealers can send popup notifications to customers.

New & Used Sales Inventory

Showcase your new and used vehicle inventory and let your customers carry it in their pocket or purse

Give your customers a quick and painless way to browse your new and used inventory. They can get vehicle history reports for used vehicles, search by name, get specific vehicle details. They can even view photos of your inventory. If someone sees a vehicle they like, they can just tap a button to place a call to your sales department.

Real time inventory – Because your customer’s mobile apps are directly connected to your customer portal, you can quickly update inventory, load photos and have the information available immediately to all of your mobile customers.

As with all our screens, you can customize the look and feel of the inventory screens to match your brand colors.

If using our web portal to maintain new and used inventory isn’t enough then we can use our API to connect your existing inventory system to your mobile web portal

Photos & Video

Take advantage of high quality, fluid displays to let customers explore your vehicles

  • Turn the phone on its side to view pictures in larger landscape mode
  • Pinch the screen to zoom in or out on specific areas

Whether it’s RV’s, Motorcycles, Automobiles, or Boats they all look great on these mobile devices. The app can easily display one or many photos that you have taken. Simply take digital photos and then upload them to our content management web portal to make them instantly available to all your mobile customers.

QR Codes

Welcome to the future

QR Codes are a fantastic way to engage your customers. Using our content management system you can easily create your own QR codes and link them to videos, websites and other things. Then print out the QR code and attach it to brochures, billboards, inventory and let your customers scan them to learn more.

QR codes are the next generation of bar code scanning technology. A QR code could be in a magazine, on a billboard, or in the window of a vehicle for sale.


Connect our system to your systems

If you already have your own Inventory Management system, or service scheduling system then our API will open the door to many more possibilities. You can push
content automatically to your mobile applications without ever needing to use our content management system.

We are constantly working on adapters to connect to content management systems, popular inventory management systems, and websites. This results in less data entry and better time management.

Ask us for more information about our API and customization service.

Social Media Integration

Connect your customers to your dealerships social networks

Provide an easy way for customers to view your twitter feeds.

Social networks are an important part of the mobile experience. Being able to share your twitter feeds and Facebook wall posts allows you to keep your users engaged in the things you and your company are doing. Providing all of this in one convenient app is a great experience for your users.

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Custom Dealer Application

Dealers can upload images, choose colors, customize the items displayed, and create a fully branded experience.

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