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Allow your customers to quickly access and view information for each of your business locations

Using our web based customization tools you can quickly make changes to your application that allow for different appearances as demonstrated by these two views of a Harley Davidson dealer and a Volvo Dealer.

If your dealership has different locations then each of the locations are available to your customers.

  • Pick from different locations
  • View information and options for a chosen location
  • Display the location on a map and get driving directions

Many dealers have more than one store. Specialty Mobile Apps supports additional locations that the user can navigate through and set as their default location. This allows you to have a single brand application for your dealership, but be able to connect with customers at their closest location.

Once a customer selects your location they can view it on a map, and get turn by turn directions to take them straight to your store.

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Application Features

Custom Dealer Application

Dealers can upload images, choose colors, customize the items displayed, and create a fully branded experience.

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