New & Used Sales Inventory

Showcase your new and used vehicle inventory and let your customers carry it in their pocket or purse

Give your customers a quick and painless way to browse your new and used inventory. They can get vehicle history reports for used vehicles, search by name, get specific vehicle details. They can even view photos of your inventory. If someone sees a vehicle they like, they can just tap a button to place a call to your sales department.

Real time inventory – Because your customer’s mobile apps are directly connected to your customer portal, you can quickly update inventory, load photos and have the information available immediately to all of your mobile customers.

As with all our screens, you can customize the look and feel of the inventory screens to match your brand colors.

If using our web portal to maintain new and used inventory isn’t enough then we can use our API to connect your existing inventory system to your mobile web portal

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Application Features

Custom Dealer Application

Dealers can upload images, choose colors, customize the items displayed, and create a fully branded experience.

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