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Smartphone Applications Approach The 1 Million Milestone

The total number of mobile applications available across the top smartphone platforms in the world is now approaching the 1 million-app milestone.

This is further highlighting the rapid growth of the smartphone and tablet software market.

An average of 2,000 apps enter the marketplace each day (with numbers higher right now for the holiday rush). In the last 12 months, Apple apps grew from 338,000 to 589,148, and Android apps went from 115,000 to 319,774. Concurrently, according to mobile tracking firm Gartner, US sales of smartphones grow from 67 million in 2010 to 95 million in 2011.

That’s well over 260,000 smartphone purchases made every day!

In the early days of the app market, most of the apps were dedicated to games and entertainment. However, the nature of the app environment has changed quickly and dramatically – new apps are now designed to improve our lives, disseminate news, give us weather reports, and, perhaps most importantly, give us one of the best and most cost-efficient marketing tools to both new and returning customers!

With a custom designed Specialty Mobile App, your dealership will have a personal mobile application for your customers’ smartphones that will…

  • Have a personal & customized appearance
  • Display contact info & have quick dial buttons
  • Show promotions through push notifications
  • Display your inventory & integrate history reports for pre-owned vehicles
  • Display photos and video
  • Integrate cutting edge QR code technology
  • And integrate seamlessly with social media

Do not be left behind in the fastest growing and most far-reaching market available today. Specialty Mobile Apps can have your dealership’s mobile application built and ready for your review in no time!

Register for one of our scheduled 20 minute no-obligation demos, or call +1-844-210-2777 Ext-1 to speak with a representative and set up a demo at a time convenient for you.

Put your Dealership in the palms of all your customers today!

* The above data was gathered from the December 5, 2011 article by Zach Epstein in Boy Genius Report: Available apps across major mobile platforms approaching million-app milestone. Boy Genius Report (BGR) is a weblog that specializes in technology and consumer gadgets. It is most well known for being a pioneer in breaking news within the mobile gadget sector. According to Technorati, BGR is ranked among the Top 100 Blogs in the world.

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